5 Jewelry Care Tips You Need to Know

5 Jewelry Care Tips You Need to Know

Want to keep your jewelry looking it's best?  Here are 5 jewelry care tips to keep your pieces looking good for the long term.

Tip #1 - Put jewelry on last
Always apply products like lotion, sunscreen and perfume and let them absorb into the skin before wearing your jewelry.  The chemicals in common beauty products can cause oxidation when in contact with metals, like your jewelry.  This will help minimize the oxidation and tarnish that results in those dreaded dark marks that can appear on the skin.

Tip #2 - Going to the beach, pool, or gym?  Take off your jewelry!
First, lets clear up a common misconception - WATER DOES NOT CAUSE TARNISH!  Some jewelry companies use this myth as a way to market their products.  Pure water on its own can't cause tarnish- it's chemicals like salt and chlorine that cause it.  So removing your jewelry if you plan on going to the pool, beach, or when you're working out is the smart thing to do.  It doesn't matter if your jewelry is solid gold, gold filled, PVD, or plated- the reality is chemicals corrode and weaken the metal.  

I am personally guilty of wearing my jewelry everywhere, everyday- to the beach, pool and gym.  I don't baby the things I own as I believe nice things are to be enjoyed.  I've just accepted that my jewelry will be less shiny each time I do.
Tip #3- Clean your jewelry 
The best way to both prevent and remove the chemicals that cause corrosion and tarnish is to use a soft toothbrush and dish soap to gently remove any buildup of chemicals in between wears.  When you're done, use a cloth to dry your piece thoroughly.  Doing this regularly ensures chemicals in beauty products or sweat and oils from your skin, don't end up sitting on your pieces and causing tarnish/corrosion.

Tip #4- Use a polishing cloth
If you notice your jewelry is looking alittle dull or has tarnish, it's time to bust out the polishing cloth.  There are many options out there that work really well- just be sure to give your jewelry a little wash with some dishsoap and water after to remove any buildup from the polishing cloth.

Tip #5 - Store your pieces carefully 
Not only is there chemicals in water that can cause tarnish, gases in the air like sulfur and oxygen can cause it as well.  Because of this, the best way to keep your jewelry looking it's best is to store it in an anti-tarnish jewelry box which is lined with fabric that absorbs these hostile gases.  Some say that an airtight plastic bag works too, but I don't recommend it, because it can trap moisture and you would still need to buy anti-tarnish strips and moisture absorbing packets anyway.

I hope these tips were helpful!  Do you have a tip to share or questions?  Leave them in the comments below!

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