Sustainability in Fashion ft. Marissa Aurora

Sustainability in Fashion ft. Marissa Aurora

You know when you are scrolling through IG and you come across someone whose content just resonates with you?  This happened to me recently when I was looking for models for my latest photoshoot. When my photographer, Mollie Laura, suggested Marissa Aurora as a potential model, I could not say “YES PLZ” fast enough.  Not only is Marissa’s style and look exactly what I was looking for, her passion for sustainable fashion really spoke to my own interest in environmental stewardship. 



Jewelry and clothing go hand in hand when it comes to expressing your style and so many of us are not aware that an everyday choice that’s as simple as choosing what to wear makes a big impact on our planet and communities.  Marrisa and I recently got together to talk about her journey in fashion and how us eco-minded folk can do our part to make more sustainable choices when it comes to our clothing, a $1.7 trillion industry. Here are some of Marissa’s tips:


Slow Your Consumption

“The most underrated, less recognized way to be more sustainable in your consumption is to slow your consumption” says Marissa.  “Buying less and being more conscious of what you’re purchasing and buying will definitely help (lower your impact)”.


Figure Out Your Style

I asked Marrisa if buying more “timeless” pieces helps increase the longevity of pieces in our closets and she was quick to point out that “timeless” can imply specific silhouettes and colours that may not be suited to everyone’s tastes.  Instead, she suggests that we figure out our own style, so that the pieces we purchase have a longer life, rather than indulging in trends or impulse buys.



Think About Cost Per Wear

It goes without saying that many of us would like to get the most value out of our clothes but Marissa says that on average, garments only get 4-8 wears before it is donated or discarded.  She advises, “When you purchase something, can you commit to wearing it 30 times? If you can, then purchase it”.  Another way to think about it and a question that Marissa suggests we ask ourselves is, “ ‘Can I create at least five different outfits with the item?’ You want to be able to integrate things into your wardrobe already, rather than buying something and realizing you have to buy a different pair of pants, skirt, coverup, bra or something to wear it.  Just being mindful of that can really cut down on your spending and consumption."


Buy Secondhand

“Buying secondhand is definitely an easy go-to (way be more sustainable)”, says Marissa.  Growing up as a millennial, secondhand shopping was not a popular practice and as such, I never got into the thrifting mindset.  In the last few years, I have noticed that the younger generations (feeling like a total grandma here!), have popularized secondhand shopping.  “Now people are recognizing that there is so much life left in garments after they’ve been worn” says Marissa. She pointed out that according to the stats, the secondhand industry is set to overtake the fast fashion industry by more than double, by 2030.  



Back in March, after an initial IG conversation with Marissa, I was inspired to give thrifting a go and that weekend I stepped into a Goodwill with no idea of what I was looking for or any expectations of finding anything.  To my surprise, I walked out with three new pieces of outerwear: a 90’s black leather coat, a blue blazer and a cutoff denim vest.  I couldn’t believe my luck, and it’s safe to say I’m hooked on thrifting! 


Needless to say, Marissa has brought me to a new level of awareness when it comes to my clothing choices.  I hope these tips made you think about your own habits and lead you down a more sustainable path when it comes to fashion.  To watch our conversation in it’s entirety, check out the video here.


Are you a seasoned thrifter or a newbie like me? Let me know down in the comments! 

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